Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1) Portland

I've become re-inspired by my internet moniker, thingsneverdone. Instead of focusing on all the Things (I've) Never Done, I've decided to switch focus to the end of Things (I've) Never Done: firsts. Perhaps it's just the flowers on the crab apple tree outside my window or Julie Doiron talking, but it seems like a fitting outlook on life.


This Spring Break, Nancy, JC, Margaret and I drove the little Yaris (which led to another first, learning to drive a manual car!) all the way to Portland, OR and back.

"Hi, Portland! Hi!"
"Hi, Kim! Enjoy your Pad See Ew!"

Squirrel charming in Washington Park.
Fact: Squirrels love burritos. Fact: So do we.

"Victory! Yeah! Yeah!"

Vegan Memphis Mafia Doughnut from Voodoo.
Margaret: "nom nom nom nom" eat it up, grrrl.

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