Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1) Portland

I've become re-inspired by my internet moniker, thingsneverdone. Instead of focusing on all the Things (I've) Never Done, I've decided to switch focus to the end of Things (I've) Never Done: firsts. Perhaps it's just the flowers on the crab apple tree outside my window or Julie Doiron talking, but it seems like a fitting outlook on life.


This Spring Break, Nancy, JC, Margaret and I drove the little Yaris (which led to another first, learning to drive a manual car!) all the way to Portland, OR and back.

"Hi, Portland! Hi!"
"Hi, Kim! Enjoy your Pad See Ew!"

Squirrel charming in Washington Park.
Fact: Squirrels love burritos. Fact: So do we.

"Victory! Yeah! Yeah!"

Vegan Memphis Mafia Doughnut from Voodoo.
Margaret: "nom nom nom nom" eat it up, grrrl.


Though I'm an avid reader of the horoscope section of the newspaper, I've never truly taken the advice to heart. Maybe if they were more like fortune cookies then I'd be listening a little more closely. You've seen Freaky Friday. Fortune cookies are full of pwr and mysticism and are not to be messed with. Either way, on one particular day, both of my horoscopes (cusp bbs, you know what's up) seemed too uncannily true to not listen to.

1) You're neighborhood will soon look different. Either you will move or something will happen to change your current one.
2) In the search for your dream home, visualize it and even draw it daily, hourly. Like a magnet, this house will come to you.

I'm not sure if checking Craigslist hourly counts as visualizing my dream house, but it seems to be working. Saturday we're going to an open house for the dreamiest house we've seen yet. But, just in case, horoscope, this should count for real:

The tip top of the roof, which shelters my attic bedroom

The stairs lead down to the main floor

Morning light in the kitchen through the bay windows

The f'real dream house

Sunday, May 17, 2009

summer does not equal stagnation

Perhaps this blog will be taking a new direction.

I love cooking. I love clothes. I love...a lot? In an effort to combine them all, I'm imagining this space becoming like a more in depth tumblr. As a child of the media age, I'm sure I've more than a mild form of ADD so that's probably the best I can manage.

Expect art, recipes, fashion, Etsy finds, DIYs, and anything else that strikes my fancy!