Thursday, October 23, 2008

I picked up a wonderful bounty at the farmers' market yesterday. Walking around with a few friends and running into a few more was the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

The highlight of my trip was the loaf of Whole Wheat Four Seed Mix Sourdough bread from Companion Bakers. Straight out of Santa Cruz, Companion Bakers specialize in artisan sourdoughs. Right from the Companion Bakers' mouths, "Our sourdough loaves are rustic, European style, stone baked breads. We use seasonal organic ingredients and hand-mix all of our batches. Our loaves contain only flour, water and salt, plus whatever goodies we add to vary the loaves (seeds, herbs, dried fruit, olives, garlic, etc.)." Organic, vegan, and local--what is there not to love? However, at $8 a loaf, I doubt I'll be making this one a weekly tradition.

My wild card this week is the beautiful rainbow chard I picked up. True, I did set out to buy kale, but c'mon...who can resist those colors? Once I decide how to use it, plus the others things I bought, I'll be sure to post.

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