Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ah, instances of brilliance like this are what I live for. After skipping out on class to sit at home, eat, and procrastinate, I walked into the kitchen with an idea in mind. Where did it come from? Who knows! Does it even matter? No! Not when the result is this delicious. Imagine a warm, comforting drink that is both creamy and spice-filled brimming with the taste of fall-- pumpkin.

First, you'll need:
Plain soymilk
Coconut milk
Canned pureed pumpkin
Maple syrup
Chai-like spices (I, however, only had cinnamon on hand)

Fill a mug about half way with plain soymilk. Add some coconut milk until you've reached your desired taste and thickness. Drop a few spoonfuls of the pumpkin into liquids and mix well. Stir in some maple syrup for sweetness. Add any spices you desire. Plop the mug in the microwave and let 'er rip! Drink up and enjoy.

This is by no means an exact recipe. It more of a smattering of ingredients thrown together in a hurried, inspired experiment. Next time I'll be sure to add some more spices and take a picture!

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