Friday, September 12, 2008

no paint allowed

Having recently come into the possession of the largest room I've ever inhabited (plus the largest bed- it's a queen and giant and I can streeeeeetch all the way out, yet i constantly find myself curled into a ball with half the comforter of the floor), I've been daydreaming for a week now about how I'm going to furnish it. Having design on the mind, I thought to share a few of my favorite inspirations rooms.

I'm mad for maps. I've a world map and a Monterey Bay map in my room at home, and a globe and world map shower curtain in my new room at school.

Such pleasing juxtaposition.

This sheet is a brilliant way to center this room.

Light blue walls, mismatched frames, and odds n' ends. Perfect!

To be continued.

1 comment:

little rogue said...

I also think maps and mismatched frames are cool. Thanks for the pictures (i got big room with high ceilings I need to dress up).