Thursday, June 12, 2008

I wished I was someone else, and I wished it was warmer

I've been making mixtapes lately. Trying to make one that feels like this:

My emotions change so frequently that I have to keep starting over, so I keep making tapes for people that will never end up in their hands. I usually don't tell them, though, except one time. I burned the CD, scrawled cryptic allusions to what I was feeling that night in orange Sharpie all over the front, but it didn't feel right. I kept it to myself, as a diary of sorts.

Right now The Mountain Goats and Carissa's Wierd keep winding their way onto these mixes. Songs that feel like autumn. Songs that make my chest hurt. We'll see if I ever give this one to the recipient.

I doubt it.

In the Hidden Places -- The Mountain Goats

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