Monday, June 09, 2008

Concerning that last update:

I have learned so goddamned much this year. It's astounding the lessons you can learn in only eight months. This year I've had some of my greatest highs and my worst lows, I've met so many amazing people, and I've really started to come into my own. Before this year, the question of "Who am I?" constantly plagued my mind, but now I'm beginning to find out. I've made mistakes, and I've grown because of them. I've forgiven and I hope I've been forgiven. I've given, and I've taken. I've been used and I've taken advantage. Though sometimes I think I'd take certain things back, in the long run...I just don't know. I have regrets, and I've had remorse. But, you know, through it all, I'd like to never forget.

This year is one to remember.
It's remarkable, really.

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