Sunday, March 30, 2008

the post in which the dangers of my extreme penchant for tea finally reveal themselves

Against my current timidity concerning putting this up, I promised certain people that it would eventually surface from the jumbled mess that is my hard drive and make its appearance on this very site. Where this modesty disappeared to on Wednesday night, I've absolutely no idea. This is what four massive mugs of tea will do to you.

Episode One of Things Never Done.

So there it is. Happy? Now you can listen to Sam and I mess about for an hour and eight seconds any time you want.

1. Time to Pretend -- MGMT
2. Hyperballad -- Dirty Projectors (covering Björk)
3. Black Panther -- Crystal Castles
4. Young Marks -- The Mae Shi
5. Moonage Daydream -- David Bowie
6. Bullets -- Tunng
7. Feminine Effects (live on MPR) -- of Montreal
8. Fatalist Palmisty -- Why?
9. Strawberry Letter 23 -- Shuggie Otis
10. Figure 8 -- Elliott Smith

As I sit here, drinking my Adina Gin-Jah and wondering when Santa Cruz got so cold, I'm begging you: please don't download this. Owe me a favor? This can be it! Feeling altruistic? Like you just haven't done enough good deeds in your life? Skip out on this mp3 and consider it an act of kindness for all of humanity.


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