Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm pretty sure

Yeahhh...I'm pretty sure.
a) Blogger hates me. Change the format? Ignored!
b) I just ate my roommates cookies. A bad person?
c) I am the sorriest college fresh(wo)man ever. More than pretty sure. Very sure, borderline downright positive.

I went to see the Science of Sleep last Saturday with the now cookie-less roommate. Wowza. Seriosuly, this movie absolutely gorgeous. Michel Gondry, you own my life. I was so wrapped up in the storyline for the entire movie that nothing else mattered outside of that darken theatre, as strange as that may sound. Sheesh, and Stephane? I saw myself more in that one character than any other before. After the movie ended, the roommate and I went out and ate Thai food. In silence. Reeling.

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